Recovering data after a disk failure

I used Influxdb on a raspberry pi for the last 6 months. On January 3 the SD card became practically read only after a power break down. Several attempts to resurrect it failed. I finally moved the data collection and storage to a x86 64bit system.

I’d like to recover most if not all of the data that is still available on the SD card. Is there a practical way to extract the data and send it to new database?

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I could partly recover my data by

  • reinstalling influxdb
  • copy /var/lib/influxdb/ to a safe place /var/lib/
  • copy all the files from the crashed SD card to /var/lib/influxdb
  • restarted service influxdb

After that I could successfully export all measurement series into JSON files. Unfortunately there is no influx_inspect on Raspian for a saner output (at least I couldn’t find one)

So, now I have several files each having several MBytes of size in JSON format. I read somewhere that InfluxDB gave up JSON input format because it was a performance bottleneck. I am still stuck as I dont see a way to cleanly import the JSON data.