Queries take long time to execute

Hi All ,

We are running a stand alone instance of Influx on the following hardware

Processor : - I5-6500
Cores :- 4
Speed :- 3.2Ghz
RAM :- 32GB of DDR4 RAM
Hard disk :- 4TB HDD

This is what we do currently

  • We are testing with 560000 items .Each item contains 2 tags and 600 float values
  • Data is batched and written to the database per second
  • Each batch contains 8000 items .

The write operation seems to work well . However when we try to read from the database using queries like
select * from measurement , Influx seems to be hanging and we do not get a response

Any help is appreciated

With 600 float values per field, and what I assume is a large number of timestamps, it’s best to select the data bounded by a small time range. something like select * from measurementName where time >now()-1d
This selects data within the last day. You can also use time > xxxxxxx and time < yyyyyyy where x and y are timestamps. make sure you specify the timestamps in epoch, and include the right units like s for seconds, ms for milliseconds. Without the units, nanosecond is used, so make sure you the right number of digits.

Here’s some more info: https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v1.5/query_language/data_exploration/#time-syntax