[[processors.converter]] how to deal flexibly with conversion errors


I’m running [[input.mqtt_consumer]] with values of all flavour, like string, int, float bool etc.
Before importing into influxdb, a small series of processors are applied, like [[processors.enum]] converting bool values to 0/1 and [[processors.converter]], converting everything convertable (int, float, former boolean) to float. String should remain untouched.

As a result, everything convertable is converted into float (fine), but string values are dropped (not good).

Desired behaviour:
“ignore”: everything not convertable won’t be converted but kept as it is
“warn”: like ignore, but with a warning message in the log
“error”: as today
Ideally, these options should be applicable per field.

If the same behaviour could be achieved otherwise, I’d be glad to learn…

This is an excerpt from my telegraf.conf

  alias = "mqtt_consumer_value_1"
  client_id = "telegraf_value_1"
  servers = ["tcp://"]
  username = "uuuu"
  password = "pppp",
  name_override = "logdata"     # measurement
  data_format = "value"
  data_type = "string"
  topic_tag = "addr"            # tag, instead of "topic"
  topics = [

  order = 1
  namepass = [ "logdata" ]
    field = "value"
      on = 1
      On = 1

  order = 3
    float = [ "value" ]

Thank you in advance