Problems with input.file data viz visualization with Grafana Trend Line (DATA is missing a number field)

I am using input.file to collect information from a CSV file that gets updated (the file is erased and created again, that is why I am not using input.tail) every nine minutes.

The configuration looks like this:

  files = ["/output_sc_LTE.csv"]
  data_format = "csv"
  csv_header_row_count = 0
  csv_column_names = ["SERVINGCELL", "STATE", "TECN", "is_tdd",  "mcc", "mnc", "cellid", "pcid", "earfcn", "freq_band_ind", "ul_band width", "dl_bandwidth", "tac", "rsrp", "rsrq", "rssi", "cqi", "tx_power", "srxlev"] 
  csv_column_types = ["string", "string", "string", "string", "integer", "integer", "integer", "integer", "integer", "integer", "integer", "integer", "string", "integer", "integer", "integer", "integer", "integer", "integer"]
  name_override = "ServingCellLTE"
  csv_tag_columns = ["host"]
  interval = "10m"
  collection_offset = "6m"

The data is sent to influx and then I can see it with grafana but when I try to use the RSSI value (example) that is defined as an integer in a trend line viz, Grafana says that the visualization is MISSING A NUMBER FIELD.

Is the configuration correct? I do not understand why this is happening since every column is configured correctly. Thank you

Use [[outputs.file]] and see what your data looks like and ensure that it is in fact an integer.

Also what is your output?

Hi and thank you, this is my output

cat output_sc_LTE.csvBlockquote


I did the code that outputs this CSV file, and this is the output that is being fed to inputs.file

Thank you

Assuming that the value is the 4th from the end, then that looks like a number to me. I would go look at the database or whatever output you are using and see what is stored.

I did note that you are using - in places… not sure of the behavior for that given that is clearly not a number.

thank you, i will talk to the DB admin to check, unfortunately those “-” are return by the modem when it gets no measurement. Based on my reading, it should not be a problem since the column is defined as an integer.

Thank you, i think that we can close this until i am able to check the DB