Problem with input x-www-form-urlencoded data

we have problem with input x-www-form-urlencoded
i use this config in telegraf

> [[inputs.http_listener_v2]]
>   name_override = "mymetric2"
>   service_address = ":8080"
>   data_source = "query"
>   data_format = "form_urlencoded"
>   form_urlencoded_tag_keys = ["tag1"]     

my data is


i think it need to convert to json first
but i dont know how ?
any solution ? thanks


The problem is your URL encoded data is JSON. This is what it looks like decoded:


I’d suggest you have your code send the JSON as is, without the encoding and use data_format = "json"

thanks but we dont access to change data-format
i just recive this data

I agree it would be ideal to update the way the data is sent, but it may be able possible to handle it as-is using form_urlencoded to grab the data into a single string field containing the JSON, and then using the parser processor as a second pass to expand out the JSON.