Preseed / unattended influxdb2 OSS installation

Hi there,

I am trying to automate most of our influxdb2 instalation process (based on k8s through Rancher) and therefore looking for some kind of preseed installation, I mean I’d like to be able to use an existing token as the admin token for example (without needing to login first), any of you guys did or have an answer to that ?

Thank you !

Hello @pierB,
You can create an admin token with influx setup command.
This might be helpful:

@pierB if you’re using the influxdb image hosted in DockerHub, you can automate much of the setup via environment variables (including calling influx setup w/ a specific auth token like @Anaisdg linked above). See the “Automated Setup” and “Custom Initialization Scripts” sections of the DockerHub docs here: Docker Hub

I’ll give it a shot, thanks for the input.
I’m using another container to push the initial setup for now, it is working but not without flaws from my point of view.