Point encoding error: invalid name

Hi Influxers,

I’m in process of converting a utility I wrote that previously used an Influx 1.7DB, and am trying to write data to an influx2 database using the go client (influxdb2client). Unfortunately, I seem to be getting a lot of “point encoding error: invalid name” errors returning from the client when I perform writes.

To make matters more challenging, the data set being written is derived from a CSV that is approx 150,000 columns wide so it’s pretty challenging to determine which particular piece it’s unhappy with.

I’ve tried upping the log level of the client to debug, and have reduced the batch size to 1 to see I can get it to correspond to a specific data point going through, but it’s not providing enough information. Oddly, it does seem to do this prior to actually starting the data writes for the data set which is confusing me more.

Is there a way to get more information from the error so I can see specifically what it is unhappy with?


point encoding error: invalid name happens when you supply an empty string for the name of a metric.
Check, please, what values from CSV you are passing.

Interesting -thanks! That’s very helpful - I’ll go hunting for those - appreciate the help!