Plugin [processors.execd] getting error

Hi, I m new member of this community

I getting issuses with my telegraf configurations, I am trying to using python script as a parsing tools for my json data

[processors.execd] Error in plugin: error writing to process stdin: write |1: file already closed

Here is my telegraf.conf look like


command = [“/usr/bin/python3”, “-u”, “/etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/”]

Everything looks oke, but getting above error.

Hope here any master can help me to find out why

The execd processor expects that command to run as a daemon. If the process has already died or completed then this is one reason for that error.

Any suggestion or work arround to solved it ?

I don’t have access to your script :wink: so the first question: is it set up to run as a daemon or not? If you run it manually does it exit quickly? or keep running?

it run inside telegraf as daemon

Most probably you get your error, as the python script throws some error. Try to execute the python code outside the context of telegraf and you will see.