Passwordless authentication in v1 compatibility?

We are upgrading from Influxdb 1.8.3 to 2.2 (both OSS) and with 1.8.3, we’ve had authentication disabled and our connection strings do not have usernames and passwords.

We do have a Citrix ADC load balancer which will be in front of the two influxdb 2.2 instances and was wondering if there is any way I could disable authentication or have the load balancer alter the query to add credentials.

Yes, not secure, shouldn’t do it, but this is all internal, unimportant data.

@sblanton InfluxDB 2.x requires authentication and there isn’t a way to disable it. All authentication is done using token authentication, so you could append an Authorization header to each request as they go through your load balancer:

Authorization: Token <your-influxdb-token>

Each instance will have a unique token, so you’ll need some logic to append the correct token.