Parsing a http json file

I am trying to parse the data from a NASA api:
https: //

I am having a hard time figuring out how to manage and control which data points i want to save in my database.
Is there a way to test the confg. file before running it?
I am very new at this whole telegraf & json thing and i can manage pulling data from the json in python but in cant really look how the whole telegraf/influx interprets the conf. file.


Welcome :slight_smile: I made a dummy bucket for experimenting with collection of data, and ended up discarding it several times before I was happy with the setup. Maybe worth a try?

I had a very quick look at the file, but not quite sure what it’s showing. It seems to be positional info about something . In any case, what data do you need, and what data would be nice to have ? Did you have a particular idea in mind how you wanted to structure the data in influxdb? (What kind of processing/alerting are you planning)

So the data consists of weather parameters (temperature, pressure, wind etc) from one of the mars landers Mars Weather | InSight Mission – NASA's InSight Mars Lander .
I am trying to just get it into an influx data base for graphing on my home server.
Is there a description on how to make that bucket so i can see how telegraf parses the data ?
I basically just want telegraph to load the json and spit out what it would upload to influxdb so i dont have to constantly delete the erroneous data.

For sure. Steps should be visible in the first or second tab from your browser , but also documented here too

The web browser version should also list an example telegraf config that you can use/merge wish what you have now

Edit. when your Happy, change telegraf to write to the permanent home bucket

I am currently running version 1.8 on a raspberry pi so i dont have the option to make a bucket.
Is there a python script that uses the same format as telegraf to parse the data ?