Override error compiling ESP8266 arduino

Hi, I am trying to compile this example:

But I get override error:
InfluxDbClient.h:214:21: error: ‘virtual int InfluxDBClient::BatchStreamer::read(uint8_t*, size_t)’ marked override, but does not override

Can someone help me. Please?

@Jay_Clifford can you help here please?
Thank you!

Sorry, I don´t understand what are you telling me.

Nevertheless I wonder if the ‘creator’, Cameron from Melbourne, is lying around this community.

Hi @jawier,
It might be a compile error due to your board version. Can you send us a link to the hardware board that you are using?

Solved by update arduino ide to current version.

On the other hand, I can´t connect to influxDB.
Looking at code:
// InfluxDB v2 server url (Use: InfluxDB UI → Load Data → Client Libraries)
#define INFLUXDB_URL “http://:8086”

I can´t find “Load Data Load Data → Client Libraries”
neither “Data → Client Libraries”

I used an ipconfig to get my Ip but not success:/