[outputs.http] plugin, force to use a specific TLS version

outputs.http plugin allows using the following TLS configurations. But there is no way to set TLSMinVersion and TLSMaxVersion to force using a specific TLS version. (In my case TLS 1.2, because the server does not support < TLS 1.2). What is the correct way to do this? Thank you.

type ClientConfig struct {
TLSCA string toml:"tls_ca"
TLSCert string toml:"tls_cert"
TLSKey string toml:"tls_key"
InsecureSkipVerify bool toml:"insecure_skip_verify"

// Deprecated in 1.7; use TLS variables above
SSLCA string toml:"ssl_ca"
SSLCert string toml:"ssl_cert"
SSLKey string toml:"ssl_key"

There are some additional TLS options in Telegraf 1.12 which can be set on any plugin using the usual TLS configuration, but for brevity we don’t show them in the example configuration:

  # ... other options ...
  tls_min_version = "TLS12"