Only display values over a certain threshold

I’m looking to graph the full set of values in a time series for the series that have the top 100 point values in that time. Don’t seem to be able to do it.

There is a previous conversation that I incorrectly put up on the grafana forum here that explains in more detail:

Any help would be appreciated.

One way to set a threshold is to include another WHERE clause.

For example:

SELECT count(“amount”) 
WHERE (“gateway” =~ /^$gateway$/ AND “provider” =~ /^$Provider$/) 
AND $timeFilter 
AND "amount" > <threshold>
GROUP BY time(1m), “terminalNumber” fill(null)


I thin that only shows the individual points that are above the threshold, which creates an almost invisible graph.

What I need is effectively to:
show the full graph for the entire timeframe for the terminals that have to 20 highest values at any point in that timeframe.

Effectively I’m only looking to see the most important 20 terminals, the ones that peak highest.

Okay. Let me ask around on the team and I’ll let you know what I find. I know you’ve been trying to resolve this for a while.

Kapacitor can be used to do this. There is an example – the live leaderboard – here:

The problem you are trying to solve is tricky because you want to evaluate all of the series first — which then results in some subset of the actual series you are interested in.

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Thanks Tim, this is a little more changes than I was hoping to do as this would involve infrastructure changes to our system also.

Can you confirm that it’s not currently possible with Grafana and InfluxDB alone?