Only 1k rows/second query speed?

I’m running an InfluxDB instance to save financial tick data. Every row has 7 fields. I then query this data and aggregate it in Python. Those were my query times (number of rows on the left, query time in hours, minutes and seconds on the right):

9480222, 2:07:46

12839124, 3:06:02

17256737, 4:19:54

13716707, 3:28:37

12671435, 2:35:27

11112483, 2:15:53

17055181, 3:34:21

21232810, 6:29:42

16935780, 4:47:56

Those numbers seem a bit off. The average is around 60-70k rows per minute, 1k rows per second. Since this is my first experience with TS Databases and with Influx, would you consider this performance normal? I’m running InfluxDB 1.7.9, Influx Python client 5.2.3, Python 3.7, running from Pycharm, on a MacBook Pro with 16GB Ram. I don’t use any addon like Telegraph or Kapacitor.

Any tip is welcomed!