Netdata to InfluxDB for Grafana - "shared" measurements not populating key

New at this, and figuring things out as I go, so patience is appreciated.


Ubuntu 20.04, XCP-NG, InfluxDB console v1.6.4


Hosts feeding netdata via [backend] to InfluxDB configured for opentsdb. “Shared” measurements aren’t getting host populated. Only one of four hosts is getting populated into the “host” tag key. But all hosts are successfully sending data to the InfluxDB, because there are other measurements that contain UUIDs that can be traced back to specific hosts.

Query in Influx:

> select * from "netdata.ipmi.temperatures_c.01_Inlet_Ambient" order by time desc limit 5
name: netdata.ipmi.temperatures_c.01_Inlet_Ambient
time                host              value
----                ----              -----
1630370950000000000 30
1630370940000000000 30
1630370930000000000 30
1630370920000000000 30
1630370910000000000 30

> show tag keys from "netdata.ipmi.temperatures_c.01_Inlet_Ambient"

name: netdata.ipmi.temperatures_c.01_Inlet_Ambient

So it is showing that the “host” column’s value is the only tag key, but

> show tag values from "netdata.ipmi.temperatures_c.01_Inlet_Ambient" with key = "host"

It isn’t returning any values for that key “host” at all, even though it is showing “” as the value of the tag key in the initial query.

What I expected to happen

I expected it to return at least “,” and hoping for all four hosts to allow for a filtered query of the measurement in Grafana.

Is there something I should be looking at to help troubleshoot?

about the queries
The syntax looks correct to me, at this point I’d just try SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY = "host", it will check for values on all measurements. also try the same query on some other measurement and tag to check if it works or not, this issue has been reported by several people on GitHub, several of them running your same version v1.6.4
The only solution has been to upgrade InfluxDB afaik

About the tag not getting populated
I’ll assume you use Telegraf for data gathering, the issue can be caused by the Telegraf config, check look for two settings: omit_hostname and hostname

If you are not using telegraf try to fetch the same data manually, or to write them also to a text file or something similar in order to check if the tag gets populated, then troubleshoot

I’m using Netdata to gather the data, sent to InfluxDB, which is then presented via Grafana.