My code will break when the join() function is replaced by experimental.join()

According to this link

The experimental.join() function will likely replace the join() function when sufficiently vetted.

The problem is going to be that the experimental.join() function forces you to join on _time.

My current use does not join on _time. It joins on a custom field. In fact it’s critical that I don’t join on _time for what I’m doing.
What am I doing? I’m adding a product code to a table of timed data. The product code links _field with a _code. But the table with the _code value has 0 as the time because it covers all-time.

So please please either add the same flexibility to the experimental.join() function. Or commit to keeping both permanently.


Hello @asmith,
Thank you kindly for your feedback. I’ll make sure to share this with the Flux team. I can also recommend that you create an issue for this as well on the Flux repo.