Multiply kapacitors with one chronograf

I have 3 kapacitors hooked-up to chronograf and one influxdb. Everything seems works fine, all tasks works, but i can edit tasks only for one kapacitor, clicking on tasks of other kapacitors opens empty editor window.

Hello @borei,
Can you please share the version you’re using as well as some screen shots of your issue? Thank you.

Hi @Anaisdg,

repository: “
tag: “1.8.4”
i build my own image from kapacitor:alpine (latest alpine based), added python udf support.

With screenshots, hmmm, a bit problematic. I can see content of the tick script only for tasks defined fo one kapacitor. For example i have 3 kapacitors - a, b and c. From chronograf alert management i can pick kapacitor, i can see tasks defined for each kapacitor, i can control task - to stop it and run it. But if i want to see task content - can see content of the task only for one kapacitor, for one which was registered first. For other kapacitors content of the taks (definition of the task) is empty.

Hello @borei,
Is there anyway you can please make that reproducible and submit an issue? That is very strange. I haven’t seen that before. I’m sorry Kapacitor is giving you problems. I’m happy to hear that the TICK scripts are working though!

Kapacitor is not causing issue - all tasks works just fine, pulling data from database, processing it, pushing back to database - everything like expected.I’ll open an issue. it’s pretty simple to reproduce.