Multiple inputs and big time differences

Hi everyone,

I just set up influxdb and a python script to collect temperature on a raspberry pi in 30 sec. intervalls. This works great and I can visualize it with chronograf.

I am writing a python script that sets an output signal (freq.) and reads the temperature until a steady state is reached. All the data is tagged with the name of the equipment tested, the frequency and amplitude I set in python. The setup then loops through different amplitudes and frequencies and writes all the collected temp data for each run in one database.

My problem is: I want to log the pressure as well. Due to driver and cpu architecture limitations this can only be done on a windows machine with National Instruments equipment. Luckily they have a python module so I hopefully will be able to send the data to influxdb as well. The caveat: to measure the pressure I will need to take up to 10000 samples per second and log them in a database as well. The hardware is capable to do that as we used LabView before. If i measure the pressure data continually, there will be no indication in the new database which frequency and amplitude they correspond to except for the time they were taken.

Is it possible to log data that fast with influxdb?
How much disk space will I use if I continually log the data for 24h?
Can I merge both measurements in one database afterwards? I would like to add the pressure data to the temperature data and then sort by the tags that i applied for the temperature data, is that possible in any way?

kind regards,