MQTT Consumer and Line Protocol with Database as a tag


I’m trying to use MQTT as a source for IoT communication. I have a MQTT message in the following format.

test_measurement,tag_name=WindSpeed,database_to_write=ges_test value=12.6037598 1347517860000000000

and my configuration is as follows;

 servers = ["tcp://localhost:1883"]
 qos = 0
 connection_timeout = "30s"
 topics = [
 topic_tag = "topic"
 username = "xxx"
 password = "xxx"
 persistent_session = true
 name_suffix = "_kep"
 client_id = "TelegrafMQTTClient"
 data_format = "influx"

 database = "mqtt_all_fallback"
 database_tag = "database_to_write"
 urls = ["http://localhost:8086"]
 namepass = ["*_kep"]

But for some reason I cannot get it to work. What could be wrong?