Monitoring InfluxDB V2 with Prometheus or with Influx V2?

Influx V1 offered metrics interface via the input.influxdb telegraf plugin which resulted into a nicely structured schema.

Influx V2 offers a metrics interface :9999/metrics in prometheus format. I use now the input.prometheus telegraf plugin to ingest this into influx again. Telegraf generates about 1600 metrics per interval, all with same time stamp, with varying key sets and always a single field. And InfluxDB unions this into a single point with a large key set and a large field set. Simply what one gets converting prometheus format data.

After a few hours run time on a low load example system the schema looks

SHOW SERIES    CARDINALITY FROM influxdbv2   --> 1375
SHOW TAG   KEY CARDINALITY FROM influxdbv2   -->   29

Doesn’t look like a schema InfluxDB is designed for.

So I really wonder what the rationale was to use the prometheus format for :9999/metrics.

Hello @wfjm,
This might help you:

As for rationale, a lot of our services use the prom format to report metrics.