Monitor services on Ubuntu



I’ve been searching around and couldn’t find an answer so i post my question here.

I’d like to monitor a custom service which is running under ubuntu. The idée is to check if this service is running or not ( something like the windows service plugin is doing)

I couldn’t find what type of plugin is corresponding to this request.

Can you tell me if this is possible and how to setup this feature ?

thanks a lot

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We don’t have a plugin currently that queries the init system to check if a service is running, however you could set this up using the exec plugin and a script that checks service status and outputs line protocol. Depending on your service, you may prefer using a method that check for responsiveness instead of just reporting the process running. For example, you could use the http_response input to perform a HTTP health check.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks a lot, i will try this as soon as possible.