Monitor MongoDB cluster

Hi, i have been trying to monitor a 3 replica set cluster using Telegraf.
The documentation does not makes it extra clear how to connect to the cluster.
Should I only give my mongos (router) URL in the telegraf config? like
servers = [ "mongodb://MyClusterMonitor:password@mongo-router:27017/?directConnection=true", ]
In this case, i get a Failed to gather data: failed running admin cmd: (CommandNotFound) no such cmd: top error.

Should i connect to all my mongod instances ?
servers = [ "mongodb://MyClusterMonitor:password@mongo-1-1:27017/?directConnection=true", "mongodb://MyClusterMonitor:password@mongo-1-2:27017/?directConnection=true", "mongodb://MyClusterMonitor:password@mongo-1-3:27017/?directConnection=true", "mongodb://MyClusterMonitor:password@mongo-2-1:27017/?directConnection=true", ... ]
Not sure what the mongo user configuration and mongo input plugin should be.
Thank you for your help

You should specify each node in the servers configuration of Telegraf’s MongoDB plugin. This way, Telegraf can gather metrics from each node independently. Here’s how you might configure it:

  servers = [