Migrating from V1.8 to V2.x, returned data format

i’m using InfluxDB V1.8 to store process data from a Siemens PLC. For every connection to PLC i use one measurement with many fields (field == measuring point) to store the data. When i query the data i get the data as a table:
time, f1, f2, f3, …, fn

However, with InfluxDB V2.0 i get the data back as:
time, value, fieldname
or namingly as “annotated CSV”. In my opinion this is not a good idea if you have many fields in one measurement, because you get back one timestamp as much as there are fields in the measurement. In addition it’s resource consuming to convert the data for a great amount of time points (every second).

Is it possible to query the data with InfluxDB V2.0 and get it back as before with InfluxDB V1.8?

Thanks in advance for your answers
Harald Tillmanns

Hello @Harald_Tillmanns,
Yes getting used to annotated csv takes some time. However, I believe it makes sense once you get used to it.
But to convert to fields to columns please use: