Migrate data to influxdb 1.x


Is there way to export some influxdb 2.0 data and import them to an influxdb 1.x instance ?


Hello @arkpoah,
Welcome! How much data are we talking? The best solution varies depending on the scale. Out of curiosity why do you need to downgrade? Thank you.

not much data, less than 700Mo in 2 databases :
31M /var/lib/influxdb.v2/data/hass
695M /var/lib/influxdb.v2/data/telegraf

I need to downgrade because I did not want to upgrade :slight_smile: upgrade has been done automatically by my system.
It seems you put v2 release temporarily in v1 repository :

2020-11-12 06:23:05,330 DEBUG <apt_pkg.AcquireItem object:Status: 2 Complete: 1 Local: 1 IsTrusted: 1 FileSize: 46825304 DestFile:'/var/cache/apt/archives/influxdb_2.0.1_amd64.deb' DescURI: 'https://repos.influxdata.com/debian/pool/stable/i/influxdb/influxdb_2.0.1_amd64.deb' ID:0 ErrorText: ''>

Then after I (too) quickly check changes and run influxd upgrade… but it was too late when I saw all this upgrade implied :disappointed_relieved:
And of course, I have no v1 backup :+1:

this is not very important data but it will be still great if I can recover them in my v1 instance.