Merge two time series in one view

Hi guys,

I currently have InfluxDB (1.2.4) in combination with Grafana (4.3.1). Data is coming from OpenHAB.

I have two time series:

The first one contains a user ID (numerical value) of someone that armed/disarmed the alarm system. The second one contains the alarm status (also numerical value).

What I would like to accomplish is that they are visualized in one table. Something like:
User Status Time
John Armed 26.05.2017 19:27:39
Kate Disarmed 26.05.2017 18:20:30
John Armed 25.05.2017 19:27:39

In Grafana you could use a Table panel. However, you can’t show data from two timeseries in one row.

The Grafana guys told me I should try to merge these tables in one table.

So hence my question: is there an option in InfluxDB to merge two time series in one table in an automated way?

Or do I have other options to have one consolidated view on “Tex_Alarm_User” and “Tex_Alarm_Status”?


Have you tried with the subqueries available in v1.2?
Read more here

@Dries You might also want to look at the kapacitor Join() node.