Legacy python client or migration path

I want to upgrade to influxdb 2.x, but can’t query the db from my application without upgrading all the calls. This happens to be a weekend project and was hoping to migrate in steps (upgrade to 2.x, learn flux :rofl:, and start changing the queries).

However, the new python client (influxdb-client-python) doesn’t do influxql, so this makes it an all-or-nothing approach. Thought I could do a function that parses the query into a 2.x like call, but won’t work for the lack of support for the legacy calls. Read that v1 influxql returns a json format that the new python client can’t read. Had hoped that someone else had worked out another client on github, but there seems to be none.

Other than keeping the db at 1.8, and playing around until I managed to change all calls, is there a better solution that would allow me to change to 2.x now? Does flux on 1.8 even work like the one on 2.x?

Could influxdb.select() or experimental/query be used to parse influxql calls so that influx 2 could process them? Want to use influxql clauses until I have time to change them.

For instance to be able to use these clauses without having to reedit them, just use them within the formatted calls using these extensions

`time > now() -22h

group by

cumulative_sum(integral("power90")) /3600 as power90, cumulative_sum(integral("power10")) /3600 as power10, cumulative_sum(integral("power")) /3600 as power