Kapacitor-unit future


There is a framework to test TICK scripts, it’s called kapacitor-unit.

It is the single (publicly available) testing framework for TICK. Unfortunately, it’s now in the ‘maintainers needed’ state (https://github.com/gpestana/kapacitor-unit/issues/23) for about a half of the year.

Kapacitor-unit is noted in Kapacitor blog (https://www.influxdata.com/blog/the-state-of-tickscript-development/), and yet it’s almost abandoned.

Is Influxdata plan to step in to support it? I feel that TICK stack is incomplete without a proper testing tool.

Currently kapacitor-unit looks extremely promising, but have many limitations and quirks. I would be real shame if Influxdata loose it…


I’m not sure if there is any move afoot to support kapacitor-unit given the move towards Flux as the language of choice for all things Influx – Chronograf, Kapacitor, InfluxDB. I realize that is not really a help in the short term, but long term it will be a lot easier to create and test kapacitor scripts that are based on Flux than on TICK Script.

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As far as I played with kapacitor-unit, it does not test tickscript, it test kapacitor’s pipelines. It has a great potential, but currently it’s limited by kapacitor, f.e. there is no way to provide mock InfluxDBOut, or loop. Ideally it should be built-in into kapacitor itself: given this input, say be what output was from a given task. That should be enough for the most test purposes.