Kapacitor record stream not working with anomaly detection


I was following https://docs.influxdata.com/kapacitor/v1.3/guides/anomaly_detection/ tutorial. When I tried recording stream, I was not able to see the any stream stored.

kapacitor list recordings $rid
ID                                    Type    Status    Size      Date
38595cdb-0f6d-4e78-bfbb-aeb1eca83b04 stream  running   0 B       21 Sep 17 10:09 MST

kapacitor logs

[httpd] - - [21/Sep/2017:10:15:14 -0700] "POST /write?db=printer&rp=autogen&precision=s HTTP/1.1" 204 0 "-" "python-requests/2.18.4" 6ea13415-9ef0-11e7-8070-000000000000 1377274


Ignore this post, I found out my time stamp is wrong.