Kapacitor 1.4.0: TICK script autoloading from dir doesn't work


Tick script loading - doesnt work. :frowning:
I’m using kapacitor 1.4.0 into docker container (with influx).
Kapacitor from:
Tick script dir from conf:
dir = "/etc/kapacitor/load"
In addition - env:
Tick script directory rights - 755.

$ kapacitor list tasks
ID Type      Status    Executing Databases and Retention Policies

What is wrong?

Additional information:
Docker container - based at CentOs7 image.
System manager - s6-overlay.


Do you have the load enabled config setting?


Yes, directly in kapacitor.conf:
enabled = true


What is the structure of the directory /etc/kapacitor/load?

$ ls /etc/kapacitor/load/
nodes.tick  replicas.tick

Thats the issue. See the example directory for the intended structure of that directory.

Essentially it should have a subdirectory calls tasks where the tickscript can be placed.

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Oh, sorry for long waitng.
It’s realy solution, many thanks!

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