Is there anyway to the arithmetical operation between two different query



Now i have two different,for example, A=select count(“value”) from test where “value”=1 and $timeFilter,B=select count(“value”) from test where $timeFilter .Now i want to make a+b,then i use both A+B and select count(“value”)+(select count(“value”)) from test where “value”=1.but it does not work, is there anyway to do this ?


I know a way to do that but only for adding fields in the same measurement
Just query : select count(“fieldA”) + count(“fieldB”) from “measurement”


i will try that first , thank you~


this page about adding field from different measurement


Sorry, that was for a previous version. It’s not working anymore


does that mean we can do nothing for this requirement now ?


and now i want to compare these two queries, i want to select min of (A and B),how can i do that


SELECT min(“A”), min(“B”) FROM "measurement "
look at this page query_language