Is there any way to import datapoint/table from S3


Currently, my whole data is present in AWS Redshift and Snowflake. (I can copy these data to AWS S3 in csv/tsv format)

Is there any any way to copy/migrate/import data from above location ?

Here, table size is in hundreds of GBs.

Found links -

For example : Similar feature exposed by Redshift/Snowflake to copy from S3 -


@Hitesh_Jhamb The influxdb-to-s3 example you show there is a method to backup a running InfluxDB instance to s3. That will not do the other way around.

The best way to do this is by using the client libraries for InfluxDB and the corresponding client library for Redshift/Snowflake. Then you can use something like AWS Lambda to do the ETL and get your data into InfluxDB in the proper format.