Is there a way ton keep key date values in influxdb, bypassing retention system?

We have databases which have retention configured, but we want that somes key dates metrics (some days) be kept in database forever. How to do that?

Should we copy data manually in another base? How to do it for only theses days?


Hi Gaetan,

You can create an alternate retention policy and push these days/data specifically to it. It would be the same database but a different serie with a different “tombstone” date.

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ok thanks. what the best way to “push” these value in this retention policy?

coult it be done automaticaly from annotations, for example?

i think i must to cql with annotations queries.

Retention is set when you send data to influx. If it’s a subset of the data my advice would be to look at continuous queries to SELECT INTO the other retention. Although I don’t do enough CQ to now if conditionals are doable.

Kapacitor would definitely be able to do it though, if you’re so inclined.