Is Kapacitor ready for prime time?


I’ve been pretty frustrated trying to 1) get Kapacitor to work for me, and 2) get answers on this official forum (too many posts have zero responses). So I’m thinking of bailing and moving to Apache Spark (ugh, Java) to do at least some of what I want. Doing my online research for Spark I’ve come to appreciate good documentation, support, and a large community – three things not found with Kapacitor. I want to make it work but figuring out this system is taking ten times longer than it should if it had good documentation and support. I do appreciate what information I could glean from the official documentation or discussion forums, but I can’t waste any more of my billable hours trying to make this work.


What are you using Kapacitor for? I’m happy to point you toward resources or answer questions if I can.