Is it possible to write data witout field?

Hi everyone. I have some data containing only time and tags. Like the data is just a mark on time.
I have no idea what to put in the field now. I’ve looked up a lot. But no one really got the exactly the same situation like this.
I saw ppl recommend to just put boolean in filed. Is that a good approach?

I suggest you give us an idea of what you want to do with this data - how do
you plan to use it, what sort of queries do you want to perform on it, do you
want to combine it with anything else…?


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Hi Antony,

Right now I’m storing Tipping Bucket data.
The data is just timestamp, quality flag and tipping depth.
Quality flag and tipping depth are metadata. There are 4 types of quality flag and 2 types of depth.
I wonder what should I do to the field column.
There isn’t some fancy way to perform on it. Probably just query data within a range of time.

Actually I also wonder what schema design should I use.
Should I put all station in one measurement with each tipping have a tag of station ID?
Or I should make each station a measurement with one uesless field?
I did some research but I didn’t get enough information about this kind of schema design discussion.

Today I do some process to get rainfall intensity using tipping time.
And now I have a time series data represent intensity (mm/min) with the resolution of 1-min.
Also I delete all 0 value.

For this kind of data. I feel like it’s better to store them in different measurement with different station ID.