Is it just me or the top right of the community site bar just doesn't work

I had to fake needing to reply to find a way to log in. And after logging in, I can’t access my profile or the hamburger menu. Tried that on Mac Chrome and Mac Safari.

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I think you’re right. I can’t click either login/sign up in Firefox or Chrome. can’t even select them using dev tools in chrome.

Profile link seems to work in my browser where I’m already logged in

Edit: wrong about the profile link. I just checked a notification and could no longer click it.

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The left and right sides of the navbar (yellow) work once you scroll down.
This is due to and HTML object overlapping, once you scroll you get rid of the middle navigation bar (red), which is the overlapping object. (seems small… but it actually occupies the whole navbar)

I’ve already noticed and reported this issue in an internal post yesterday (2022-09-03)