Is influxdb stable on raspberry PI

I have influxdb running on several different raspberry PIs. I find that influx runs for a few months and then goes into a reboot loop. I have to do repairs and go in and delete a bunch of data. Is there a permanent fix for this or is it just to be expected? I have set retention policies and don’t collect that much data. I am using a sandisk “high endurance” sd card and nothing else on the PIs are having issues

Hi @MikeC Welcome to the community forum!

For what it’s worth, I’ve been running both Telegraf and InFluxDB on a RPi4 with a Samsung 500GB SSD for a couple months. They funnel and warehouse IOT data into Home Assistant. All the apps run in docker containers. Throw in MQTT and Portainer as well. The whole shabang has been rock solid.

It’s possible you’ll still get issues. I think even if all 3 of my PIs have faults, influx handles them very poorly. If data becomes corrupt it could easily just skip over the bad files instead of going into a reboot loop.

@Jay_Clifford Have you run into this or aware of this issue?