Investment Profile DB/Bucket schema

I am asking for assistance with storing crypto asset data in a bucket
What I would like to do is look at historical data of data I manually add at different times throughout the day. The idea is to create a graph of the value of the coins as well as quantity over time as well as the amount invested and price.

Is the schema below correct and inline with best practice?
If I’ve understood the documentation correctly, the measure is “asset” and exchange, coin and symbol are all tags with the amount invested, quantity purchased, coin price and current investment value are fields.

asset,exchange=Binance,coin=Bitcoin,symbol=BTC invested=123.45,qty=15,price=1.25,value=125.50 1622716560"

Thanks in advance

Yes, your description of the line protocol is correct.

If I may add, coin and symbol seem redundant, as they are just different ways of expressing the same thing, and having them both as tags will increase your data cardinality for no real gain.