Integral function leads to incorrect grouping issue

I want to calculate the throughput, using the formula Throughput = (number of requests) / (total time). To calculate the total time I’m using the integral function - And I faced with the issue - grouping doesn’t work as expected when adding the integral to the query and select other things at the same time.
It leads to an issue in calculations:
SELECT count(count)/integral(count) as Throughput FROM "requestsRaw" WHERE "requestName" =~ /->/ AND "requestName" !~ /^SCRIPT/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY requestName

But the correct table with the right grouping is displayed when using two queries instead of one. Could you please help?

Hello @Michael_Derevyanko,
I’m a little unclear about the issue that you’re having. Could you share your input and your expected output? Why did you use integral to calculate the total time? Perhaps elapsed() could work better for you? Thanks!