Insert send a bad timestamp error

I’m using sourceanalytics with iobroker. Unfortunately a configuration issue happens and I have to change some values in the influxdb.

select * from "sourceanalytix.0.mqtt__0__Gaszaehler__main__raw.currentYear.consumed.03_previousMonth";
time                ack  from                      q value
----                ---  ----                      - -----
1705963932281000000 true system.adapter.influxdb.0 0 -12.39

value must be changed to 0.

What I understood influxdb does not now an “update” command but an insert with the same timestamp will update the value.

show field keys

name: sourceanalytix.0.mqtt__0__Gaszaehler__main__raw.currentYear.consumed.03_previousMonthfieldKey fieldType
-------- ---------
ack      boolean
from     string
q        float
value    float

Based on these information an update like should work

insert "sourceanalytix.0.mqtt__0__Gaszaehler__main__raw.currentYear.consumed.03_previousMonth" ack=true,from="system.adapter.influxdb.0",q=0,value=0 1705963932281000000;  

But i got the error

ERR: {"error":"unable to parse '\"sourceanalytix.0.mqtt__0__Gaszaehler__main__raw.currentYear.consumed.03_previousMonth\" ack=true,from=\"system.adapter.influxdb.0\",q=0,value=0 1705963932281000000;': bad timestamp"}

Could anyone give me a hint what the problem is? Many thanks