[inputs.mysql] Error in plugin: Error 1109: Unknown table 'user_statistics' in information_schema

I get this error from telegraf log and I check that I have this parameter to TRUE:

## gather user statistics from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.USER_STATISTICS

gather_user_statistics = true
What else can I check?

My system is Centos 7
Telegraf 1.13.4
Let me know !

Many thanks

I’ve never used the MySQL input plugin (but I use the SQL server one), this obviously is a database related problem, and that table (information_schema.user_statistics) does not exist in your DB

Here you can find the query executed by telegraf:

I’ve looked around but I’m not able to find documentation for that table, my guess is that you are using an old version of MySql and that table does not exist.

you can exclude the query in the telegraf MySQL configuration by adding

gather_user_statistics = false

Hello Giovanni
Mmm you’re right. This is a plugin named userstat… and it not enable by default … As I can read this plugin create the table missing when it’s enabled… Ok
Many thanks, so I can avoid this error.

Have a nice day !