[inputs.kafka_consumer] Error in plugin: EOF

When I collect kafka data with telegraf,I got EOF error.
This is my telegraf conf.

Kafka brokers.

brokers = [“localhost:9092”]

Topics to consume.

topics = [“test”]

When set this tag will be added to all metrics with the topic as the value.

topic_tag = “test”

The Error alert mes is :
[inputs.kafka_consumer] Error in plugin: EOF

How can i solve this error ?

Hi @Watson

  • Set debug = true in the [agent] section
  • Send your data to stdout

Has data_format = been specified?

Thanks for your reply,i set dug = true then the detail are sarama can’t fetch metadata.I swith to [[inputs.kafka_consumer_legacy]] ,the alert msg is
[telegraf] Error running agent: starting input inputs.kafka_consumer_legacy: kafka: client has run out of available brokers to talk to: 6 errors occurred:t

Thanks for you help,the sarema 1.32 version can’t fetch metadata from kafka brokers,so i use telegraf 1.14 version solve this error.

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@Watson Great news! Good luck with your project.