Input.snmp Error Getting Table

Getting an Error

[inputs.snmp] Error in plugin: initializing table : getting table columns: Was that a table? TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceDetail: exit status 1

Config file looks like this

   oid ="TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceDetail"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceIdentProtocol"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceIdentCommPortType"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceIdentCommPortName"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceIdentFirmwareVersion"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpIdentDeviceSerialNum"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpIdentDateInstalled"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpIdentHardwareVersion"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpIdentCurrentUptime"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpIdentTotalUptime"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpIdentFirmwareVersion2"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpIdentFirmwareVersion3"
     oid = "TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpIdentNvrID"

When doing an SNMPWALK everything returns fine
snmpwalk -v 1 -c public TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceDetail
Even when doing a WALK with the individual fields it returns just fine
snmpwalk -v 1 -c public TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceIdentFirmwareVersion.1

Not sure what is causing this error.

If possible please attach that mib? As well as, run snmptable on TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceDetailand post the output on your machine?

snmptable -Ch -Cl -c public TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceDetail

Thanks :slight_smile:

When I run
snmptable -Ch -Cl -c public TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceDetail
I get
Was that a table? TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceDetail
I assume now that tlpDeviceDetail is not a table. Doing a little searching through the MIB I found tlpDeviceIdentTable which seems to be a table and have the info that I need. How do I find tables in the MIB with snmptable?

The MIB can be found here
Tripp-Lite MIB

Your error is because TRIPPLITE-PRODUCTS::tlpDeviceDetail is not a table mib.

How do I find tables in the MIB with snmptable ?

An example can be found in the man pages here