InfluxDB totally unresponsive with "context canceled" "internal error not returned to client"

After starting Influxdb it works for a while, then completely stops working with queries or data point ingest, timing out the http endpoint. InfluxDB console reports messages like this :

ts=2023-07-11T12:01:27.527233Z lvl=warn msg="internal error not returned to client" log_id=0iy3ZWxG000 handler=error_logger error="context canceled"

It seems to stall during ingest requests performed from go client with 10 threads in synchronous writes, which doesn’t seem to be that much.

Only solution is to restart InfluxDB.

This is running 2.7.1 as container on my workstation or on a Kubernetes cluster.

As InfluxDB isn’t logging anything useful really, not sure where to start to troubleshoot this.

Thanks for your help !

Hello @ybizeul,
Can you reinstall?
I’m not sure why that’s happening either.
Are you running any Flux tasks?
Could it be related to: Silent flux failure while using to(), "internal error not returned to client" · Issue #24055 · influxdata/influxdb · GitHub?

This is a docker deployment so I don’t think there is a point reinstalling.
I’m running flux queries in grafana while importing metrics indeed, it’s possible influxdb crashes only when doing those refresh in Grafana.
If Influxdb randomly crashes on Flux queries, I guess it’s not going to work for me

Thanks !