Influxdb local user password


When influx is initially installed in a Linux environment an influxdb user is created. I know this user doesn’t have a password and currently doesn’t have a shell. Would it be possible to give this user a password so that a non sudo user could su to influxdb to run database functions without root privileges? If we were to give that user a password will it mess up anything else? We are in the middle of an 1.x to 2.x upgrade and it would be nice to run the influx commands without needing root access. It would also be helpful to view shards and run “df .” to look as file sizes and such without being root.


you can create users and manage permissions however you want.

I understand that I can create users within influx once it’s up and running.

I’m asking about the influxdb linux user that is created during the install. This is the user that “owns” all actual database files on the linux system.