Influxdb exporter

My final goal is to to expose Influx metrics to an endpoint, then using Prometheus to scrape and send those metrics to Grafana Cloud. In this way I do not need to open ports on the firewall. Link to docs.

To achieve the above, I need to install Influxdb-exporter on my Pi4, which will make available the Influxdb metrics to Prometheus.

I have no experience at all with the installation of Influxdb-exporter neither with the steps to configure it to expose the metrics to Prometheus.

Is there anyone that can please describe the steps to follow?
Thank you

@scott is there documentation for this anywhere?

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Not currently, but we can add an issue to track it.

Edit: Here’s the docs issue: Document the Prometheus InfluxDB Exporter · Issue #3034 · influxdata/docs-v2 · GitHub

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Thank you for helping on this topic. Looking forward for some information.

I’m also interested in this topic, thanks for creating that issue!