InfluxDB C# Client Data Loss

I’m running InfluxDB v2.7.1 in a Docker Container (v23.0.5) and try to use the C# InfluxDB-Client Library. The problem is that sometimes data is not transmitted from the Client to the Database. To verify it, my Client counts the amount sent to the Library and compares it with the amount of Database records. I have tried a lot of different batch-sizes, flush-intervals and different InfluxDB-Configurations, but it occurs nearly every time. Some settings help to reduce the problem, but it always happens anyhow.
Any ideas to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

it might be a data problem… check the point keys (tags + timestamp + field key) and ensure there are no duplicate values.

as a sample, sending the following

1685955963 server=srv1,core=1 cpu=10
1685955963 server=srv1,core=2 cpu=12
1685955963 server=srv1,core=1 cpu=20
1685955963 server=srv1,core=2 cpu=21

will “write” only the last two points, the first 2 are inserts… the other two will be updates as they have the exact same key

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