Influxdb as a database has some significant problems

I’ve been using influxdb for about 2 years now and as I get deeper into it, I’m getting really frustrated. As a user that has been collecting data for some time, I now need to look at how to manage all that data because just magically increasing storage capacity isn’t always the solution. Do I look at downsampling or deletion or …

This has led me down the path of looking at how to down sample data and after running into some problems, looking at the open issues. There’s a shocking trail of broken behaviour that has me questioning about whether my choice to use influxdb was sound.

Problems that keep popping up in issues:

  • drop measurements don’t disappear. sometimes they do, better odds if you restart influxdb. There’s a constant “try the latest version” as if that will have some magic, without any hint from those suggesting that about why the latest version should be better.
  • deleting of data may or may not work, even when the query matches times in the database.
  • doing a select usually results in correct data being returned but sometimes it does not - it depends on how many influxdb specials are used with it. Using “select into” seems to be a subscription for random behaviour. Then there are problems with the use of fill() that are long standing and unresolved.

These are all fundamental database operations and they do not function with 100% reliability. If mysql was this unreliable people would abandon it in droves for postgres (or at least face massive market suspicion).

The only database operation that seems to work with any amount of reliability is INSERT.

Of course, I’m using it for free, so what should I expect? A product that works well enough that makes me want to buy support for it and convince management that it is worth money. Afterall, that is what they’re selling - that plus the cluster/cloud service.

Let me rephrase that, they’re attempting to sell a database that has bugs opened against it that demonstrate a failure to pass basic database functionality.

But flux. I don’t really care about flux if long standing bugs aren’t fixed - and closing them with a “stale” bot isn’t the answer, that’s just sweeping the dirt under the carpet and hoping nobody goes looking.

Do I jump ship and if so where to? Or stick around and hope that someone can find all the holes to stop the ship sinking?

Hi @dataMechanic,

Sorry to hear you’re getting frustrated, but I certainly hope you found your rant therapeutic :grinning:

InfuxDB is OSS, it will definitely have bugs. It’s also the market leading TSDB, which is a new category with new problems; those that MySQL won’t have, because it’s a whole new paradigm.

That being said, we don’t like bugs either; even if they’re par for course with OSS and category building database. We run our own software at a very large scale and we want it to work well for us and everyone else.

What I’d suggest, if you’re willing, is that you post links to the GitHub issues you’re hitting and I’ll try to get you a solution, an explanation, or maybe some tips to try and bypass the pain.

While I may not be able to help with everything, I’ll certainly do my best :+1:


Hi @dataMechanic welcome to the community , sorry to hear you are getting frustrated

I found three questions in your post …

1.Of course, I’m using it for free, so what should I expect?
answer : you can expect a lot of Influxdb users ready to help where they can.

2. Do I jump ship and if so where to?
answer : no , do not jump until you are convinced nobody can help 
         you solve your problem(s).

3. Or stick around and hope that someone can find all the holes 
to stop the ship sinking?
answer : yes please stick around to find out if the community can help , 
         and to realize that there is no ship sinking.

Have I run into another instance of this?

what does a real error look like?