InfluxDB 2.7, flush data to disk (for backup) without restart possible?

Hi all,

I am using InfluxDB 2.7 on a Raspi 4b to monitor and control my smart home devices.
A Borgbackup job is running every 10 minutes to snapshot the InfluxDB data directory, the PostgreSQL data directory, and some other files (total of ~5GB) to a remote backup host. This usually takes about 20-30 seconds. (There is another daily full backup job that backups everything and takes about 20 minutes, but it excludes the databases, so not relevant here.)

How can I ensure that this backup job gets a consistent state from the Influx data on disk? I do NOT want to completely shut down and restart InfluxDB as this takes literally minutes and would cause all kinds of smart home services to yell database connectivity warnings at me. Other RDBMs have a kind of “flush & temporary write lock” feature to take an online but consistent snapshot.

How do I do this with InfluxDB?
Or is the on-disk data always consistent and valid?

Thank you!