Influxd could not start on port 8086 after reached max number of queries

Hi Influx fans.

I want to share my experience with you.Yesterday I had issues with influx and could not make it work for couple of hours. It turned out, that due corrupted database, the influxd could not start on port 8086 (API, CLI). It was only active on 8088. The only thing that helped was to remove the database file - a bit scary. Then after I ve restarted the the process, it came back .

The data corruption could happen when I have reached max number of inserts.

I think the influxd should skip corrupted database(s). Better than not start at all, since you cannot even log into the CLI and do stuff from there. Running it on debian 9 , importing data using python client library.

Feel free to share your experience and comments. I will very appreciate to learn more about how to prevent this to happen in the future