InfluxCloud - How can I version control the Tick scripts?


I am evaluating the InfluxCloud offering. I have all our infrastructure as code and each product has it’s own Kapacitor docker image which allows all tick scripts to be version controlled and built into an immutable docker container:

FROM kapacitor:1.5.1
COPY load /etc/kapacitor/load

This is then included in our CI pipeline to automatically test and release new versions. How do I achieve a similar level of automation and control using Chronograf/Kapacitor in InfluxCloud?


You can still version control your TICKscripts and push those via the API or CLI to your cloud instance. You just have to make defined versions of scripts for your deployment automation.


Ok cool, I did not think the APIs were available externally as they are configured in Chronograf to use an internal network without SSL and user authentication (http://prod-[code]-us-west-2-kach-5.influxdata.local:9092).

Could you point me at the documentation to find out how to connect to Kapacitor using InfluxCloud?


I think I get it now. The Kapacitor included in the subscription is not externally facing, so I will need to purchase the Kapacitor add on to use the CLI. Is that correct?


Yeah, the Kapacitor add-on gives you the ability to use the CLI and deduplicate alerts.